WaterJet- Industrial Cleaning Conference- Safety

2011 Waterjet and Industrial-Municipal Cleaning Association


BLASTING, Pressure Washing.

The WJTA_ IMCA WaterJet Technology Association-Industrial & Municipal

Cleaning Association is holding their biannual conference and Expo of

September 19-21, 2011 at the George R Brown Convention Center in Houston


Plan to attend if you are cleaning anything from sewage, to parking lots,

to bridges, or cutting with water- at all pressures, or if you use

vaccuum trucks in your business.

There are workshops, boot camps, and live demonstrations as well as the

largest global exhibition for waterjet and water blast equipment.

If you are using waterblasters, pressure washers, or waterjetting

equipment, you should have on site

1. Recommended Practices for the US of High Pressure Waterjetting


-available in English and Spanish.

2. Video or cd- Waterjetting Equipment- 30 minutes

3. Medical alert cards for each person on site.

4. Recommended Practices for the Use of Industrial Vacuum Equipment

5. Video or cd- Vacuum Equipment.

Contact the Advisory Council if you would like a general Operations

Module. It contains the WJTA Video and “Recommended Practices,” some

suggested personnel safety policies that are specific to waterjetting

and not covered in current OSHA regulations, five laminated cards for

individual workers, and some suggested topics for in-house training

courses for your workers.

This Advisory Council module does not contain a self-help, self-testing

text. It is not a certification procedure. Pressure Washing and

Waterjetting are used in so many different applications that the general

training course would need to be customized for site specific projects.

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