When is clean clean?

What is clean water?

What does profile really mean?

When is salt salt?

What are bulk properties versus surface properties?

These are just a few of the areas where terminology confuses standards languages.

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  1. When is Salt Salt?
    That is an interesting question.
    I think of it simply as “add water and get ions that are conductive (for electricity).- cations and anions.
    We have “salts” that do not dissolve in water very much, for example calcium carbonate- the scale that builds up in water pipes, or the scale that you find in toilets. It generally takes acid to dissolve the salts.
    Often I am talking to people who paint on industrial structures- bridges, large stadiums, ships, water tanks, refinery pipes. They are very concerned with “Salts on Surfaces.” In 1985- I coined the phrase “S.O.S. Salts on Surfaces” to point out in the paint business that there was more to “Creating the situation so that the coatings could perform as expected” than just sand blasting the surface. Lo and Behold, this started a witch hunt for “salts.”
    More on this later.

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