TV Coverage WaterJet Cutting and Cleaning- Jay Leno, History Channel, Learning Channel, National Geographics Channel

National Geographics, World’s Toughest Fixes “Cruise Ship Repair.”

Every so often, the industry gets “free” publicity via the television. There is an upcoming segment in December.

KMT Waterjet Systems has a Jay Leno connection. You can find clips on the web Look for Calypso Waterjet Cutter under “tools” in the videos.

Flow International was featured on the “American Chopper.” when a Flow special motor cycle was built and the Flow 6 axis cutting system was delivered. The double segment was aired on TLC on February 14 and 21st, 2007

NLB was featured on the History Channel- “Modern Marvels The Pump” in March, 2007. The camera crew photographed all day; about a minute got into the final cut. You can purchase this segment.

John Odwazny, of Chariot Robotics LLC, says that the National Geographic Channel is doing a segment on World’s Toughest Fixes featuring Cruise Ship Repairs.” They were in the Bahamas Shipyard to document the use of robotic ultrahigh pressure stripping on ship hull. Odwazny is not sure when it is to be aired or how much will be included. I just went to and they were having technical difficulties. I found the air time as Wednesday Dec 3 at 9:00 pm central time

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