How is this going to be spent?

A few days ago we decided that we needed to take some action on the new budget.

The government is going to need a lot of help if it is to know how to spend some of the following:

$6 Billion on energy efficiency in public housing.
$5 Billion on weatherization grants to homeowners.
$8 Billion on public transit and ancillary infrastructure.
$40 Billion assisting school districts to modernize.
$2 Billion rehabing foreclosed properties.
$29 Billion for roads and bridges.

Personally, I don’t think we should have very much faith in the decision process. We’ll tend to get storm windows on houses in Lake Charles, La. and screens on houses in Montana. New benches at bus stops will feature eye catching designs and no shelter roofs. Old-but-serviceable will become targets for new-and-novel. The public will get a whole slew of new buzz words and politicians won’t have to get colds kissing babies for a while. Dedicating a few new acres of asphalt is safer than repainting the food bank.

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