7 thoughts on “Restoring a Piece of the Titanic

  1. Are ther more photographs of this restauration from this piece ,
    are there macroscopic pics from the broken piece and the surfice of the rivits , taken , for further investigation of the quality from this iron piece?

    Regards ,

  2. There are no microscopic photos. We forced water around the edges to try to get more of the salts hidden between the plates. We were able to take off newer rust and retain the corrosion that had been laid down when the Titanic “Big Piece” was on the ocean floor.

  3. Awesome and very rare photographs of the unrestored Piece!
    Is it possible to ask Mrs. Frenzel for her permission to use a couple of these pictures to illustrate my upcoming writing on the subject, please?

    Best regards and thanks in advance,

        • Yes- you have my permission and the Advisory Council’s permission to use photos which I have taken. Tell me which ones. There might be one or two that came from some other source. I can give you permission for the photos which I took, and send you the format for publication rather than a web view. If it is the type of book that uses acknowledgements, you would , of course, need to adknowledge the source (Grin!). I have photos all over the corrosion and paint industry that people use and do not acknowledge. I don’t know whether to laugh out loud or go into a rage when someone sends me one of my original photographs and asks me “did I know about this project or method?”
          Lydia M. Frenzel, Ph.D.
          John D. Keane Award of Merit- SSPC
          Pioneer Award- WJTA_ IMCA

  4. Thanks a lot Dr. Frenzel for your kind permission and cooperation!
    Your photos are absolutely stunning, and it will be my pleasure and honor to use some of them in my writing with the proper credit and personal gratitude given to you (naturally)!
    Most of all I’m interested in the close-up views with the rivets and porthole, plus the general view (like in the very first picture)… Could you please send me those to the Email specified in the comments (durman1983 at gmail dot com)?

    Best regards and many thanks,

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