Handy Table on Surface Contamination

NAVY SEA Systems Command
Materials Engineering Group
Codes SEA 03M12.5
2531 Jefferson Davis Highway
Arlington, VA 22242-5160

Soluble Substances Table 1  (P & W Hand Held Hydroblast Unit)
  Total Sample Area  (cm2) 112.5
 Total µg/ cm2   2.61
 Chloride µg/ cm2  0.85

Soluble Substances Table 2 (ABB Hand Held Grit Blast Unit)
 Total Sample  Area (cm2) 50
 Total µg/ cm2   120.71
 Chloride  µg/ cm2  62.55

Paint Removal

Seems like paint removal ought to be a simple concept, right? But how much paint do you remove to remove half of the paint? How do you sample an area to show that you left 75% of a coating?

Can you remove all of a top coating and leave all of the tightly adherent base coat? Are elastomeric coatings tightly adherent by abrasive blasting standards and easily removed by wet blasting?

The advantage of waste streams that contain only the original coating: Dams and tidal structures.

Paint removal that creates opportunity for corrosion. Brushing and scraping.